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18th Edition has been published and it contains mention of the Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD), aka the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) if you’re reading this Stateside. These things are still a rarity here in the UK, but I’ve been given one to put through its paces!

As with a Gas Safe engineer, you may think that I have the power to shut off your power should your electrics prove to be dangerous following an inspection, but this is not the case, and for good reason.

Do the wiring regulations allow you to install an electrical junction where it cannot be accessed again afterwards? The short answer is Yes, but conditions apply...

Some older installations, especially those that are/were earthed via a ground rod, may have a Voltage Operated Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker installed. These fell out of favour a long time ago, so if you still have one, it may be the case that your electrical installation is well due a bit of TLC.

The tragic death of Rebecca Finch following a fire in Warwick last month is being blamed on an overloaded socket outlet. Although I’m not privy to the investigation into the cause of the fire, it is worth penning a general article on how to avoid overloading electrical outlets because something as mundane as using an electrical socket shouldn't be costing anybody their life.