To visit you within Warwickshire or Coventry in order to discuss a project or to provide a no-obligation quotation for a set piece of work you want completing then there is no charge.

Where pricing hasn't been quoted beforehand for a set piece of work or where faultfinding is required, the following hourly/part hourly single man-hour modular guide prices are likely to apply.


firsthour70   Scheduled work during weekday hours will be based on this labour rate for the first hour/part hour unless a fixed price has been quoted beforehand. Material costs are not included in this price.
subsequent55   After the first hour, the labour rate for subsequent hours/part hours drops for scheduled work unless a fixed price has been quoted beforehand. Material costs are not included in this price.
escalated90   Where work has to be scheduled at short notice, i.e. to suddenly fit in with other trades or available access, or where it necessitates in a change of my planned schedule, then pricing will be based on this hourly labour rate. Material costs are not included in this price. This rate may also be charged per part hour for short or overrunning work.
emergency115   The emergency hourly/part hourly labour charge will apply whenever a quick response is required regardless of the time of day or day of week. Material costs are not included in this price.


These prices assume just I turn up to do the job. If hired help, subcontractors or additional third-parties are involved, the pricing will reflect the number of bodies on site attending to the work. For large jobs such as rewires, a discounted rate will be applied (see rates breakdown). Travel time in the CV postcode area is not charged for under these rates. Occasionally I may be accompanied by someone on work experience, be that a disinterested yoof from a further education college or a someone going through a mid-life career change. No charge applies for their time.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Always check this page for the current rate when booking new work.

The 'subsequent hours' rate relates to additional hours performed for work under a particular job reference number. If other work is later booked which is unrelated to the original job, then the initial hour rate will again apply to that new job.

If you're booking a domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), aka Periodic Inspection / Landlord Certificate, these are currently priced at £25 per circuit for each of the first ten circuits, then £15 per subsequent circuit thereafter. For a guide on how many circuits your property might have, please refer to this page. I'll admit, I'm not the cheapest for inspection and testing work, but I can guarantee an honest report and a proper job unlike others who offer this service cheaply in order to make up unnecessary remedial work to cover their costs, or who place inexperienced and low-cost personnel on the job. Refer to my EICR page for how to avoid being scammed on electrical inspections!

PAT testing is charged at £2.50 per item.

David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. deregistered for VAT on 30th September 2023 as part of downsizing to a one-man-band. Invoices will not show a tax breakdown and no VAT element can be reclaimed.

Accepted payment methods

Invoices are payable upon presentation with the preferred payment method being bank transfer (BACS). Alternative payment methods are cash, cheque or cedit/debit card which can be processed on site using a portable card terminal or online via Stripe's secure checkout shown on your invoice. There are no discounts for cash, and there are no surcharges for credit/debit card payments. Billing happens later via email or post, so I won't be demanding payment before I leave site which means you don't need to ensure cash is readily available up-front and you get time to inspect the work without me breathing down your neck. It also means if you're not in the area and you have a vulnerable relative you need me to do work for, you can rest assured I won't be pestering them for payment on the day. More details regarding payments can be found on my Q&A page.


All work is subject to my standard terms and conditions unless specified otherwise and in writing beforehand as part of an agreed scope of works.