I am able to provide a complete range of electrical services regardless of how big or small your requirements.

I have guide pricing for standard or emergency call-out work. If you need something a little more complicated, then I prefer to pay you a quick visit at no charge to assess the work, discuss the options and provide you with a customised no-obligation quotation.

My work is insured and carries my standard 24 month guarantee on parts and workmanship. Work that is notifiable to Local Authority Building Control will be processed through NICEIC and is additionally covered by their Platinum Promise workmanship warranty.

bullet   Sockets and lighting: moving, replacing, adding additional points
bullet   Switches: moving, replacing, upgrading to PIR/dimmer/remote control
bullet   Outdoor: sockets, garden lighting, security lighting, pond pumps, gate control
bullet   Fuse boxes: upgraded/additional/relocated consumer units with improved protection
bullet   Circuits: new installations, extensions, additions, removals
bullet   Lighting: ceiling, wall, recessed, replacement luminaires
bullet   Wiring: repairs, upgrades, rewires, bonding, concealing, re-routing
bullet   Remote power installations: to garages, sheds, outhouses, greenhouses
bullet   Exterior cabling: underground or overhead wiring
bullet   Bathroom: showers, shaver sockets, fans, IP rated equipment installations
bullet   Kitchen: electric ovens, hobs, heat alarms, extractor fans, UV insect control

Whatever the project, I'll work with you to ensure energy efficiency is taken into consideration, and any parts I source will be quality branded components that meet or exceed British or European standards and the requirements of the building regulations.

P O P U L A R    P R O J E C T S

The pictures below show examples of my installation work but in no way indicate limits to what I can offer, so please contact me for a detailed chat.

arrowthinroffset Recessed spot lighting is a popular theme but if not done properly can cause issues with heat build up and energy inefficiency. In the installation below LED fittings have been installed into a panelled ceiling to provide an attractive installation with low running costs.
P5250150   P5250151
arrowthinroffset Fed up with the kids leaving the lights on? In the installation below an occupancy sensor has been installed along with these IP rated LED downlights into a plasterboard bathroom ceiling. The white light from these LED lamps provides a clean look at a total of just 20W and are automatically turned off when not needed.
P5250152   P5250153
arrowthinroffset Wall lights need not mean unsightly supply cables. Embedding cables for a neat, clean finish makes your lighting look like an integral part of the surroundings rather than something simply slapped onto it.   arrowthinroffset Stylish lighting such as this cold cathode kitchen installation can make a striking difference to a room in place of a traditional ceiling rose or batten fitting.
P5250157   P5270189
arrowthinroffset If you have an old rewirable fuse box such as that pictured below left, then having it changed out for a modern consumer unit with circuit breaker and RCD protection will give you the benefit of improved safety and convenience in the event of a fault.
oldbox   newbox
arrowthinroffset Recessed LED spotlights are much more efficient than their halogen counterparts, but the right bulbs must be selected for the optimum lighting of any given room. These LED lamps are ideal in this hallway installation.   arrowthinroffset Revamping a room is the ideal time to replace tired looking socket faceplates with something more modern or to install additional sockets to accommodate the extra gadgets of 21st century life!
P5250143   P5270198
arrowthinroffset Flatscreen TV's look attractive when hung from the wall but the right fittings must be used to keep it secure, and cables should be concealed to make it look like a natural part of the room as in this bedroom.   arrowthinroffset IP rated outdoor sockets with RCD protection are a handy addition to the garden to feed lawnmowers, strimmers, pressure washers and the like.
P5270191   P5250148
arrowthinroffset Mains powered linked smoke/heat alarms remove the risk of dead or missing batteries preventing you from being warned of a fire when you really need it.   arrowthinroffset Whether a shower pump or a full electric shower requiring only a cold water feed, I can manage new installations or the replacement of a failed unit. New installations will require a plumber to get the pipework into the right place, but I can assist you in finding a reputable partner firm.
smoke   shower
arrowthinroffset I can provide custom installations to meet your room designs if there are particular decorative arrangements you have in mind.   arrowthinroffset Replacement switch faceplates help to modernise a room. Switch upgrades to PIR, dimmer, smart or touch versions or the relocating of switch drops are all possible options.
P5250158   switch1
arrowthinroffset Artistic or ambient decor lighting is becoming quite popular. Whether you want to illuminate pictures, feature walls, gardens or shelving, or if you simply want to introduce some colour to a room, modern LED or fluorescent technology can make an attractive effect without costing a packet to operate. [More]
Decor1   IMG-20120919-00177
arrowthinroffset Battery or mains driven doorbell installations are far more reliable than those DIY wireless options.   arrowthinroffset If you've had electric underfloor heating laid under your new laminate or tiled flooring, you'll need it hooking into the mains and a thermostat/controller fitted, all of which I can offer.
P5250145   P5280207
arrowthinroffset If you have an outbuilding such as a garage, shed or greenhouse, talk to me about a modern mini consumer unit installation for lighting, heating and/or socket outlets, supplied if necessary by an overhead or underground cable.   arrowthinroffset A rage of external lighting possibilities are available to suit your requirements including motion controlled, dusk 'til dawn sensor control, flood, spot, efficient LED and decor options.
garage   outdoorlight
arrowthinroffset UV insect control helps to reduce those unwanted airborne pests in the kitchen or dining areas.   arrowthinroffset Electric ovens and/or hobs installed on their own dedicated circuits.
UV   OvenHob
arrowthinroffset Shower priority control boards allow you to fit more electric showers into larger homes or into properties with multiple en-suites, student accommodation, etc.
  arrowthinroffset Whether in a kitchen, bathroom or en-suite, if you need an extractor fan core drilled through your wall or ducted through the roof space, then I can install it. Manual, timed or humidity controlled options are available.
prioritycontrol   Fan

Winter giving you the cold bathroom blues? A high level downflow heater provides a quick way to heat a small space when there isn't room for a heated towel rail or radiator.

  arrowthinroffset For heat where there is no plumbing such as an outbuilding, or where plumbing would be expensive or disruptive to install, electric panel radiators and storage heaters provide an effective means of keeping out the cold.
20131111 123329   IMG-20131014-00677
arrowthinroffset I work with local landscapers on integrating electrics into garden designs both grand and small. Whether you have a terraced house or a country barn, if pond pumps, accent lighting or outdoor power figure in your landscaping plans then I can help you to make it a real feature. [More]
was1small   was2small
arrowthinroffset Lights recessed into a tarmac driveway or pavement add a touch of style to an otherwise plain looking medium as pictured below in this Warwick installation performed in conjunction with Spartacus Landscaping.   arrowthinroffset Occupancy sensor lighting, especially in bathroom or cloakroom areas, is a low cost but effective way of ensuring lights don't get left on unintentionally and provides convenience, especially for those less able-bodied.
drivelight   occsensor
arrowthinroffset Electrically heated towel rails with thermostatic, boost and/or timed controls.   arrowthinroffset Timer/boost control solutions for heating, lighting or any other application where automation can save effort and energy.
towelrail   timercontrol
arrowthinroffset Faultfinding and sorting out the botched mess others have left behind.   arrowthinroffset Working with your flooring contractor to install underfloor heating solutions.
Mess   underfloor
arrowthinroffset Working with your builder to ensure first fix electrics are installed on time and where you need them....   arrowthinroffset ...before completing second fix works scheduled to coincide with completion of plastering/deorating etc.
firstfix   secondfix
arrowthinroffset Dado installations/modifications customised to fit your space.   arrowthinroffset Instantaneous hot water solutions.
dado   hottap

If you'd like to discuss any of the above relating to projects, installations or repairs in your own home then please contact me for a chinwag.