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No, not a 70’s energy saving idea from the gas board, but instead a way to squeeze multiple electric showers into a property without blowing the maximum demand figure (or the incoming fuse).

I sometimes hear horror stories of sparkies giving duff advice to customers which can only be chalked up to ignorance at best or a fraudulent attempt to perform unnecessary work for higher profits at worst. Either way, anyone forking out falsehoods is best avoided as they either don’t know or understand their trade suitably enough, or they have cartoon-like dollar signs in front of their eyes and the word ‘SUCKER’ floating about inside their head as they prepare your quote. Here then is a quick compilation of common untruths to watch out for when seeking advice on your home electrics...

ElectricSafe have produced a leaflet aimed at consumers explaining why a competent person should be sought to perform electrical work in the home and how you can use their register to find someone suitable for the job. You can download a PDF copy of this leaflet from here.

Look out for my latest press advert throughout May in the Leamington Courier. Mention this ad when booking work for a 5% discount! Ts&Cs apply, see below.

House builders rarely seem to install enough mains sockets to satisfy the gadgetry needs of your average family. My granny had very few mains-driven mod-cons and could cope quite happily with only one or two sockets per room, even going so far as to diligently switch them all off at night, however for most of us a couple of outlets just isn’t going to cut the mustard or indeed power the TV, PlayStation, DVD, DigiBox, mobile charger, floor lamp and laptop. At least, not simultaneously... unless you start hanging multi-way adaptors off your wall sockets.

I get asked about whether these things are safe or not and the short answer is yes, but only if used properly. Let us have a closer look at what’s out there and where things can go wrong...