We're kicking off our good deed for the year (and shameless self-publicising trumpet-tooting) by providing power to the storage container for Leamington's LWS Night Shelter who supply hot food and a place to sleep for the homeless.

Pulling the plug on yet more of my wares, as of February 2021 I am retiring these two specific Electrical Installation Condition Reporting services... at least until further notice.

Yes indeed, it's like this is a proper media company. Or not. Anyway, links to the things I throw up across the spectrum of social media are all here and what you can expect from them is an 'alternative' electrical channel with, I'm told, a cult following. At least, I think that's the four-letter C-word they were shouting, but my hearing isn't what it once was and the angry looking guys doing the yelling were some distance away.

As a result of the latest lockdown in England, we're back on reduced duties until further notice.

I am pleased to announce that David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. has won the 2020 Top Banana 'cocknificence award' for general aceness...