Quick, this dreadful competition closes on July 27th, so get your entry in to avoid disappointment! To avoid adding to any (already existing) disappointment, read more for the T’s and C’s please.

After ducking the dreded lurgy for two years, it's finally snared me, so I've shuttered shop until the all-clear.

Happy New Year! Here’s the invoice... Yes, it was cheaper last year. No, I don’t know how they have the ruddy cheek to be charging so much, I really don’t. I was telling Maureen at number 22, it’s outright scandalous it is. The very nerve!

In a possibly ruinous development, the bastards at HMRC have snared me for VAT. In the short term, pricing remains unchanged for my loyal client base. Long term, it might see us shut up shop.

2022 marks the tenth year of this business (and website) as live and screaming, so what better way to celebrate than by blowing a stash on a new rebrand? Actually, not the first rebrand; I like to change my logo as often as my underpants and four changes in the space of a decade is about par for the course. A quick look back then on what’s changed and why for anyone who's interested.