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The death knell sounds next week for directional halogen lamps with an energy rating of class D or below, and good riddance to the damn things too!

Checking the statistics for this website, it seems one of the most frequent searches performed by my beloved visitors is whether their domestic electrical installation should have failed a condition report (periodic inspection) through the lack of an RCD on some or all circuits, so let’s have a chinwag on what's going on here.

Got a plastic consumer unit (fuse box)? Been told you need to change it for a metal one? Well, unless your plastic enclosure is demonstrably damaged, dangerous or inadequate, then the mere fact it is plastic does not warrant a replacement and neither should it show up as a failure item on a condition report.

Have you invested in Megaman Modo GU10 dimmable LED lamps? Are you finding those dimmable lamps are... well.., just not dimming? Never fear, I have here a quick and curious fix. Just don’t ask me to explain how it works...

...and, if so, can it be located on a different wall?

I was asked today by a kitchen fitter. Here’s my answer…