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Houses built from 2000 to 2010 (ish) may have some curious energy efficient lighting oddities. If your bulb has blown and you’re facing something that doesn’t look like the lamp you expected, I may have the answer buried somewhere in this article. Probably somewhere near the end as it goes…

Contains ribald references, a talking cat and a soution to a keyboard shortcut that Tysoft should never have coded into their Easycert app in the first place.

With 18th Edition kicking in from January 2019 comes a tightening of the requirements for surge protection, especially on commercial premises, so let me introduce you to the SY2-D, a low cost means of fending off spikes and surges for domestic or commercial applications.

In 2018, a local repair cafe was set up in Leamington Spa and although I wasn't present for the pilot, I've been in attendance for the subsequent monthly meetings. Here then is an article of what it's about and what I turn up equipped with to tackle anything that happens to come across my table.

18th Edition has been published and it contains mention of the Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD), aka the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) if you’re reading this Stateside. These things are still a rarity here in the UK, but I’ve been given one to put through its paces!