A compilation of answers for questions you may have in regard to my services.


What payment methods are accepted?
BACS is the preferred payment method for invoices, but cash or cheques are also welcome. I can also accept chip & pin cards using a portable card terminal so long as access to a WiFi or mobile data signal is available.


If you have already received an invoice for completed work, but posting a cheque or paying by BACS isn't your cup of tea, then you can choose to pay online using a credit or debit card by clicking hereThere are no additional surcharges for card payments. The transaction will be processed securely by WorldPay on my behalf; they'll then send me notification of your payment and you'll receive a receipt via email. I can also take card payments over the phone.

When is payment due?

I don't ask for deposits or advances, so generally for standard electrical work payment is due in full upon completion allowing you to see what you're paying for. On large installations such as rewires/refurbishment projects, staged payment will be applied to cover upfront materials after delivery and as each section of work is subsequently completed.

Because the work to date will have been completed when an invoice is issued, immediate payment is expected unless other terms have been agreed beforehand.

I rent the property. Can I book work and have you send the bill to my landlord?

The person booking the work is responsible for payment when due. If you don't own the property, you would have to make arrangements to claim costs back from the landlord yourself such as taking it off your rent. Before booking work you should check the landlord is happy to go ahead with the scope of work at the agreed price.

I'm a fellow tradesperson. If I get you to do the electrical work on my job, can you bill the homeowner directly?
Only if I have been introduced to the homeowner, I've discussed the job with them and we have agreed between us to make such an arrangement. Where no such pre-work agreement exists directly between me and your client, then the invoicing will be given to you as the person booking the work, and immediate payment is expected from you. Even if you pass the invoice to your client, the debt remains yours until it is paid.

How much will it cost?
There is no charge to come out to discuss work or to look at a job, however any site visit which involves opening the toolbox and applying specialist knowledge to undertake either faultfinding, repair or installation work will be charged for. Pricing is modular and based on the hourly rates as published on this website. These rates may also be applied part-hourly, so a site visit of less than an hour in duration will still incur the rounded hour charge making it more cost effective if you’re able to batch smaller jobs together. Work that is scheduled to our mutual convenience will be cheaper than an ‘escalated’ response which allows your job to jump the scheduling queue. If an escalated or emergency response is necessary because you want it now, then the costs will be higher still.

Why does the initial hour cost more?
The initial hour is priced higher than subsequent hours to cover the overheads generated by any given job outside of the time on site. This includes costs before I turn up all tooled-up and ready to knock on your door. It covers any preliminary visits and discussions, quote preparation, travel time, fuel costs and identifying & procuring required materials. It also covers the time spent after completion on site dealing with the disposal of recyclable materials and the administrative tasks such as invoicing and filing.

You've done work for me before, why am I being charged an 'initial hour' rather than a 'subsequent hour' rate?
Any work undertaken for a particular booked job will be charged at the cheaper 'subsequent hour' rate after the first hour, even if these subsequent hours happen on different days. If you book a wholly new job which is unrelated to the previous work, then it will be assigned its own unique job number, will have its own time, materials and administrative duties booked to it and will be subject to its own initial-hour charge.

I called you out to find a fault but you haven't fixed anything. Why should I pay you?

If you require me to use my tools and expertise to investigate a perceived fault then you would be charged for my time regardless of whether any fault is actually found or whether you want me to further quote for any rectification work. As a business I cannot volunteer my time for free troubleshooting unless it has been pre-agreed that I will be paid to fix the issue. I wouldn't pass on my expert findings for nothing just so some other idiot can ask their mate or a rival firm to put it right! Faultfinding doesn't come under any free quotation offer, you're paying to get an answer even if that answer is that all inspections and tests pass and no fault is apparent.

Do you have a day rate?

A reduced rate based on a day figure may be applied to larger projects such as a full house rewire or refurbishment when it is booked to run into multiple days, but for standard work the hourly rate applies. Day rates may vary and, where applicable, are applied at the quoting/estimating stage and cannot be applied retrospectively.

Any specials for trade?

I strive to provide competitive pricing, qualitiy materials and a high standard of workmanship to all my clients, however other trades that I partner with enjoy priority service.

Psst! How about a discount for cash?

No. Cash is a pain in the neck. The business overheads come out of the company bank account and I'm responsible for ensuring there's enough in there to cover the staff wages, mandatory pension contributions, insurance, supplier credit accounts, accreditation costs, fuel and all the other outgoings, so that's where the payment from any and all jobs needs to be. I cannot offer a discount when I will have already priced the job as competitively as possible. The rates as published or pricing as estimated/quoted will be as low as I'm prepared to go. My preferred payment method is BACS, not cash. Want it cheaper? Good luck my friend, and all the best.

Can I claim back the VAT on your invoice?
David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. was VAT registered between December 2016 to end of June 2018, but de-registered from 1st July 2018. Prices shown on this website or on estimates and invoices from 1st July 2018 include VAT where applicable, but without having a valid VAT registration number any more the VAT element cannot be reclaimed.

What's the labour charge?
My guide prices are listed here on this website, but how many other electricians can you find who are up front with their prices? Where an invoice lists an hourly or labour rate, please bear in mind this is not money going directly into my pocket to be blown on Guinness (more's the pity), rather this pricing figure goes to the company and incorporates all the overheads such as insurance, accreditation, vehicle running costs, office running costs, training, tools, protective equipment, employee pensions, consumables and so on. For your money you're getting an NICEIC Approved Contractor who is polite, turns up on time and who makes every effort to stick to pricing estimates. I supply quality materials, provide a no-quibble 24 month warranty on materials & workmanship, I'm fully insured, and I work to within the wiring and building regulations. I strive for a high quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction. If you shop around then you may find someone cheaper as there are plenty of people out there pretending to be electricians who don't come with all the assurances I'm armed with. What you're paying for when you hire me is the job done once, and the job done right. If you feel you're not prepared to pay my up-front advertised guide prices, then all I ask is that you don't take up my valuable time by asking for quotes or site visits. In short, and without trying to sound like I'm tooting my own trumpet, I'm the Winston Wolf of the electrical world: I get the job done without the nonsense, drama or fakery of others. If you doubt that, check out my YouTube channel and/or don't hire me.

I have electrical work that needs doing. Can you take care of it this afternoon?
In any given week, there’s an average of about forty jobs on the to-do list. Some are temporarily stuck while waiting for materials or third parties such as builders or fitters but there are always jobs being tackled on a more-or-less first come, first served basis. If you want to jump the scheduling queue, then an escalated charge will apply. If it’s not an emergency and it can wait a few days, then it’ll be cheaper to wait for a normal scheduled window to open. Like everything else in life, from plumbers to postage, carpenters to car mechanics, if you want it sooner, it’ll cost more. There's no such thing as quick and cheap!

Hey, hi, remember me? I’m the guy who wasn't home when I said I would be / expected something for nothing / took weeks to pay your last invoice. I need a quote for more electrical work, would you be able to come and take a look?

W O R K I N G    H O U R S

Can work be booked for any day of the week?
I run this business as a 9-5 Monday to Friday operation. Bookings made outside of normal working hours can be made, but please be aware that out-of-office-hours working may be charged for at an escalated rate as listed on my pricing page.

How quickly can work start?

Booking tradespeople is notoriously tricky, however I won't mess you around and I always keep my appointments. An initial site visit and estimate can usually be performed quite quickly, but I may not be able to schedule a start date for work until days or weeks afterwards depending on how my diary looks. We'll negotiate the start date once a price is agreed and you're ready to confirm a booking. If it's urgent or an emergency call-out, then I'll do my best to respond quickly, but I will not compromise any current work in progress and cannot guarantee immediate availability. I also partner with other local specialists who I know to be trustworthy, qualified and insured when things are really busy or when extra pairs of hands are required. The busiest time of year is September to December as people kick off large building or refurbishment projects after the summer holidays and with a Christmas deadline.

T Y P E S    O F    W O R K

Can you inspect, test and sign off domestic DIY work?
If you need electrical work, call in a professional. I get called out to too many installations which have to be put right at additional cost because they were done badly in the first place. Rather than go down the DIY route, it'll always be more cost effective to get the job done properly from the start. If you have performed electrical work yourself or have had a non-qualified person do it for you, then I won't certify it. What I can offer is inspection and testing of the work as a partial or full Electrical Installation Condition Report, but I won't provide an Electrical Installation Certificate or a Part-P Building Regulations Compliance Certificate for electrical installations I have not directly overseen from their conception, as to do so would leave me legally liable and be a breach of my NICEIC membership and insurance conditions.

Can you perform Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (a.k.a. Periodic Inspection Reports / landlord certificates)?

Yes. Please see my EICR page for details.

Do you repair electrical appliances?

I might change an oven or storage heater element, but generally if your washing machine isn't washing or your cooker isn't cooking then you should seek someone who specialises in appliance repair. My speciality is fixed building wiring, i.e. supply and communication circuits.

Do you install Solar PV or EV chargepoints?

I was MCS accredited for solar PV renewable technologies, but I came off the MCS database in 2014 as the expense and red tape required to maintain accreditation was too much for a general electrician. While I still offer maintenance services on existing PV installations, I now hand over installation work to a trusted local partner firm. If you're genuinely interested in having PV installed, please contact me and I'd be happy to refer you. When it comes to electric vehicle chargepoints; I can install them, but I'm not OLEV registered so you won't be able to claim a grant for it if you're entitled to one. If you're not eligible to a grant, or you don't want some slap-it-on-and-leg-it installer to leave you with an ugly job, then EV chargepoints are not a problem. Other renewables are taken care of by a partner firm, so let me know if you have a genuine query.

S C O P E    O F    W O R K

I have a large project, can we agree a scope of works?
I always produce an itemised scope of works in writing for large projects such as a rewire/refurbishment so that all parties are aware of what the price includes. Any items missing or which have been misinterpreted can then be picked up on before work commences.

Can I alter the agreed scope of works?

Any additions or alterations you wish to make after a scope of works and a price have been agreed may be done and may alter the estimated/quoted pricing depending on the impact on time and materials.

Can I order my own materials for a job and have you just provide the labour?

With my trade wholesalers I can get great pricing on quality branded parts with the materials I provide warrantied for 24 months as I always source decent hardware to ensure I don't lose out on warranty call-outs. My mark-up on supplied materials is 10-25% which covers the cost of shopping around, ordering in & stocking items, transportation to site and dealing with warranty returns on the rare occasion that such is needed. You may choose to source your own materials, however they must meet British or equivalent European standards and be suitable for the job. If I find they're not suitable for whatever reason, then I reserve the right to refuse to perform the requested work. Materials I haven't supplied will not be guaranteed or warrantied in any way by David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. In the event of a subsequent fault or failure post installation, any call out for fault-finding or repair will be chargeable unless it can be proven that the issue was as a result of poor workmanship, e.g. failure to follow manufacturer installation instructions, damage caused by incorrect application of tools, etc.

What are the terms and conditions?
The T&C's relating to a specific job will be listed on the scope of works, however where work has been appointed without an agreed scope of works, or where not explicitly listed on the scope of works, then the standard terms and conditions listed here will apply.


Do you have any references or testimonials?
I don't publish testimonials on this site, simply because when I read them on other sites I always suspect they've been made up. If you want to see examples of my work or to talk to people or companies I have performed work for in the past then I'd be happy to put you in touch with them directly once I have obtained their permission to be contacted.

Where can I read/write reviews?

External review aggregators listed on my Reviews page allow user submitted feedback to be written and read by others. Feel free to leave an honest review, but in the unlikely event that you feel your experience to be a negative one, please contact me first and give me the opportunity to make you happy! Unlike others, I won't pester you for reviews afterwards.

What are your accreditations and qualifications?

See my About page for a list of the professional bodies I am currently registered with. You can look up my company on the websites of the listed organisations to ensure my registration is current. Any work I perform will always be covered by one or more of these bodies, and I am assessed to ensure ongoing compliance with their codes of conduct, qualification requirements and standards. My most relevant and recent qualifications are also listed on the About page.

Are you registered with any rated/trusted trader web directories?

No. As explained in this blog post, these sites do not properly vet their members, nor do they take responsibility should the relationship between a trade and a customer go sour. The service they provide is little more than the Yellow Pages with customer feedback; and the charge to appear on such a middleman site ends up passed back to you, the end client. Despite the 'rated' and 'trusted' names often employed by these directories, traders registered with them may have done so because they don't actually have a reputation that stands up on its own and they need a way to hook in new customers. I'm properly vetted through my membership of NICEIC who provide you with an additional workmanship warranty and formal complaints procedure should such be needed. The only directory services I do appear on are ordinary listing sites such as Yell, Thompson Local and FreeIndex who do not charge me to be listed or pretend to champion consumer rights.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured for both professional indemnity and public liability.

I thought you were accredited through NAPIT?
I was an active member of NAPIT between November 2012 to May 2016 when I switched over to the NICEIC Approved Contractor scheme. I decided to leave NAPIT after I felt they weren't taking their own responsibilities seriously enough. More on that here. My membership formally ended on 1st December 2016. If you are looking at old business cards, certificates, stationery or website articles of mine then you may well see my company showing the NAPIT logo which was valid at the time. For a list of organisations I am currently accredited with, please refer to the About page on this website.

R E C Y C L I N G    A N D    D I S P O S A L

How do you deal with waste?
I am a member of Warwickshire County Council's commercial recycling scheme which came into being at the end of 2014. I've been an avid recycler since long before the kerbside collections began in 2008, and under the terms of my permit I can now remove recyclable waste from any job I am appointed to perform and dispose of it at the Princes Drive recycling plant. I regret I am unable to remove non-recyclable waste from site, for I may be fined for doing so as it breaches my Waste Carrier Licence conditions, I therefore leave non-recyclables to the site contact to dispose of sensibly. For more details, please refer to my waste disposal policy.


When will I receive my BS7671 or Part-P paperwork?
Although the details for the BS7671 certificate will be available to me upon completion of works, please allow up to seven days from the receipt of payment for me to process your certificate. Your Part-P notification, if applicable, will be submitted to NICEIC at the same time and they will inform Local Authority Building Control of any notifiable work. Your Building Regulations Part-P certificate should then arrive within thirty days if a paper copy is required, or can be provided immediately in electronic (PDF) form via email.

Can I get a duplicate copy of a certificate or a report you issued previously?

You will be automatically issued with the relevant BS7671 certificate and, where applicable, a Part-P certificate for any work I perform, however if you subsequently lose this paperwork you can request additional copies. Be sure to provide details of the address the work was performed at so I can find the correct certificates from my records, along with a return address the certificate(s) should be sent to. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. The administration fee applies per request regardless of how many certificates need reprinting. Reprints can also be requested if you were not the person who commissoned the work, i.e. if you've just bought a house you know I worked on and the previous owner didn't pass on the certificates but you require copies for your own records.

F R E E    A D V I C E    &    B L O G

I read one of your free advice/blog articles. Can I make a comment on it?
The Personal Blog and Free Advice sections of this website consist of informal opinion pieces written in good faith and are not representative of the views or policies of the limited company entity of David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. If you wish to make a comment regarding the content of any of the published articles on this website then please email me at the address on the banner at the top of this page and I will choose whether to alter or expand an article, with or without credit, based on your feedback. I reserve the right to amend or unpublish any articles at any time. Any advice followed by the reader is done so at your own risk and neither I as an individual nor the company of David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. will accept responsibility for incidents, accidents or unfavourable outcomes of any action you choose to take after reading and then choosing to replicate in whole or in part any of this content. Any quotations within the Free Advice section are intended to be used under a policy of personal use. The use of any Trademark or Copyrighted material is not intended to infringe Copyright. All original content on this site is Copyright David Savery. All rights are reserved. Linked and quoted content is Copyright of the respective owner(s). I have no control over, nor am I responsible for, the content of any other sites, or any other products or services that may be offered through other sites.

Can I quote you on that?

If you quote any content from www.dses.uk, please link back to the associated page or to the homepage of this site. If you wish to use any content from the Free Advice or Personal Blog sections, please contact me first. Copyright infringement will be pursued.


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