Following on from my guest appearance on the Electrician's Guide To Everything's podcast last month, the EGTE chaps have asked me and YouTube's pretty-boy Nick Bundy to put together a six-part series blabbing about... well, anything. So, we grabbed a microphone and set up camp in a suspiciously smelly corner of The Rusty Backbox, a public house of questionable quality frequented by fellow sparkies...

Yes, the fat bloke on the cover of February 2020's Professional Electrician magazine is indeed me. It was cleverly photographed from my best side: low angle from the rear so you don't get to see too much of my face... although you can (rather unfortunately) count the bogies up my left nostril.

All external review sites have now been closed or are in the process of being shut down. All reviews are now being aggregated by Which? under their Trusted Trader scheme.

It was an honour to be invited to chew the fat with Ricky and Sam of the Electrician's Guide to Everything on their January 15th podcast.

My thanks to Scolmore Group for inviting me into their lair to record some content for their new YouTube channel.