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Not to say that all scammers are stupid... but these dickheads give themselves away.

Two faultfinding jobs in the past eighteen months have resulted in payment problems because the client perceived my speedy resolution to their power problems to be “too quick”. Let’s have a closer look at the flawed logic of that...

Early on in the wiring regulations, page 21 of the big yellow book in fact, is Regulation 134.1.1 which states “The installation of electrical equipment shall take into account of manufacturers’ instructions”. So, what happens when the manufacturer says something eye-rollingly daft?

Purple Bricks, save yourself from 'commisery' by paying my sodding invoice.

Imagine quoting for a job and losing out to the competition only to be called back a few months later by the same client who now wants you to make good the cock-ups of their chosen installer after things went bad. Well, there's a plot-twist to this one; see if you can guess it before the end!