Kooky and spooky!

I thought I'd quickly knock up an illuminated Halloween window display for the office this year using five brass lampholders from an old chandelier style light that had been pulled from a client's house and was destined for the scrapyard.

Firstly, the lampholders were removed from the pendant fitting. I cut up some sections of 22mm copper pipe and used various plumbing parts including bends, T-pieces and Y-filters to knock up the structure shown below.

2015-10-26 16.34.33

Obviously we need to be a little careful with electrics around all this metal, so I'm ensuring everything is double insulated throughout. The wiring is run inside the pipework and the brass fittings are Gripfilled into place at grotesque angles!

Once the Gripfill had dried, the whole lot was spraypainted gold....

2015-10-26 16.39.18

Next a top coat of black crackle-glaze paint was applied to give the thing an 'antiqued' look. Neon flicker-flame candle lamps were also installed.

2015-10-26 21.04.02


2015-10-26 21.03.45

I wasn't too sure about this, but the wife insisted I add some gnarled wood to the thing!

2015-10-27 07.40.32

Finally the whole shebang is dumped in the window to attract the trick-or-treaters!

2015-10-29 16.50.25

Better with the blind removed and some creepy cobwebs added!

2015-10-31 16.53.13

I thought it looked alright, but my kids said it looked home-made.

Cheers for appreciating the effort.