With immediate effect, signal cabling (CAT-5/6, telecomms, TV, satellite) have been dropped from our portfolio. The self-service job-booking portal (Tracker) has also been discontinued. While we can still undertake signal cabling work as part of a larger project such as a property renovation, we're no longer accepting requests for such work.

This desicion may be reversed in the future, but at this time we're swamped with mains electrical work requests which form the primary backbone of the business. We're having to let down too many people for minor comms jobs, so we've withdrawn offering solutions for such going forward. That said, where we're involved in a major project such as a full refurbishment, we can still undertake any comms cabling work required for the overall result.

Also discontinued with immediate effect is our self-service portal run on the OSTicket platform. While this remains an internal job-tracking database, it is no longer public facing. This is because most replies I send out end up in spam folders and from my experience people either don't check their spam, or they don't leave any phone number for me to follow up with despite what the web form asks for.

I remain contactable via email or phone for work requests; details can be found on the About page.

Also archived from today is my page on Solar PV installations which is now out of date as we came off the MCS register waaay back in 2014 and I haven't kept up with industry changes. My blog piece on my own installation remains, but should also be considered as out of date.