While we are on alert status COVCON 3 or 4, we'll offer an emergency callout to any COVID-19 critical site at no labour charge.


With the unprecedented events of the COVID-19 outbreak, we recognise some critical services may be stretched when it comes to dealing with those infected or at risk, and that they themselves may be lacking their usual maintenance and support staff to keep the lights on. Who do you call if you’re running a site in Warwickshire, but the power has tripped out and the people who normally fix it are themselves confined to self-isolation?

Well, you can call us, and we won’t charge a callout or labour fee*.

Eligible sites include (but are not limited to):
Hospitals, GP surgeries and other critical NHS sites.
Emergency services locations.
Residential/nursing homes.
Critical local authority buildings.
Other buildings being used for a vital public function such as food banks.


*Labour fee waived based on the following terms and conditions:
This service applies to mission critical locations within Warwickshire only.
This offer applies while David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. is at alert level 3 or 4 only.
Basic remedial work will be undertaken to restore any power failure or fault. More permanent repairs may be required at a more opportune time, however there is no obligation to appoint us for this or any further work.
While we will do our best to attend such a call, availability cannot be guaranteed.
We reserve the right to refuse to attend if we believe our own health may be at risk (where we deem precautions for our own safety are not in place).
Where materials are to be sourced to undertake effective remedial action, the cost of such will be invoiced for later.
This service is for electrical fault finding and service restoration only, not for installation work.
This service is provided in good faith for deserving organisations providing a direct or public function related to the coronavirus outbreak and who lack the usual manpower they rely upon. If we believe we are being taken advantage of, we reserve the right to refuse attendance or to invoice fully for the labour element of the work.
Any site specific health and safety information, special precautions or protective equipment will be expected to be provided to us upon arrival.
All normal terms and conditions also apply.