Following on from my guest appearance on the Electrician's Guide To Everything's podcast last month, the EGTE chaps have asked me and YouTube's pretty-boy Nick Bundy to put together a six-part series blabbing about... well, anything. So, we grabbed a microphone and set up camp in a suspiciously smelly corner of The Rusty Backbox, a public house of questionable quality frequented by fellow sparkies...

Okay, so we clearly need to work on our audio... and acting. And our bad language may make the content somewhat NSFW, but it's a one-off deal, so we'll have some fun with it before tuning out. Whether anyone else tunes in, well that I don't know. Just... don't let the theme tune put you off.


Episodes are fortnightly and can be found on most podcast platforms. Links to the YouTube uploads will appear below as they air.

Episode one, with guest James Beck, released 20/02/20