Sorry folks, we're no longer taking on new intruder alarm or CCTV installations!

Although both alarm and CCTV installation services have been on the menu since the business began in 2012, we've devided to remove the provision and installation of such services from our portfolio for a number of reasons including the high cost of accreditation for such services for insurance purposes, and the low profit vs. installation time margins.

Another issue is the recent changes introduced by equipment manufacturers for the customer demand that such equipment has an online presence via an app. We've not been happy that the apps produced by many of the manufacturers are sufficiently user friendly or stable enough to allow ease of integration and ease of use, which can leave us with an ongoing support issue when the app or its connectivity fails to meet our client's expectations.

There has also recently been a rise in the number of devices on the market, especially with the likes of video doorbells, with each device having its own physical support and set-up differences which are too varied for us to have the time or inclination to keep on top of.

Existing installations will remain supported until their expiration of warranty.