I know, I know, it's forecast to be 20C today and as I type this I'm in my shorts and still smarting from the sunburn I got from a Greek beach just six days ago, but the fact is, this is the busiest time of year...

I find things quieten down a little over the summer holidays which suits me fine as I need the extra time to look after the kids while school's out as well as taking my own sunny getaways, but as soon as the schools go back the workload rockets up and it stays that way until Christmas.

It's because of people wanting their building/decorating projects completed before the festive season. Nobody wants to pull crackers by torchlight in an unfinished dining room extension, nor do they want to cook their turkey around the building rubble of a half finished kitchen, so the pressure is on to wrap up new or ongoing projects over the next 16 weeks.

16 weeks sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well, my diary is already booked up for the first four. That's not to say I'm not available over September if you need me, there are always jobs which finish ahead of schedule, and if it comes to it I can work evenings and weekends - although some weekends are already booked.

My point is, if you plan to use my services on a certain project between now and the end of the year, then don't wait. Contact me sooner rather than later so I have a chance to properly plan the job with you and start booking provisional dates. Even if you don't know when exactly you'll need me, an early heads-up may mean the difference between you getting your electrical work completed on time... or not!

The same goes for other trades. So to use a cliché, book early to avoid disappointment!