Solar PV

Solar PV is a fantastic technology and a great financial investment. I don't just say that as a sparkie, but as someone who forked out the time and money to install it on my own home.

Not only do you get the benefit of free electricity during daylight hours, but you get paid by the government for every kiloWatt hour you generate over the next twenty years, plus payments for excess electricity you pump back into the grid.

Domestically there are three ways to fund a PV installation.

1. Buy it outright if you have the money to hand. This is the best way as it puts you in full control of your installation and provides the quickest returns.

2. Use a loan or grant fund such as the Green Deal scheme where you pay back the cost on top of your energy bills over time.

3. Use an installer who provides a 'lease' scheme whereby they pay for the equipment and you provide them with the roof space. You then get the free electricity during daylight hours although they claim the payments from the government.

There are pros and cons to each of the above and (much) more detail is given in my Free Advice section for those with enough patience to plough through my blurb!


Although David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. used to provide a full PV installation service, the company came off the Microgeneration Certification Scheme on 24th October 2014. It's unfortunate, but the PV industry in the UK is set up in such a way that only large organisations or small specialist firms can throw the time, personnel and money into keeping accredited.

Despite electricians such as myself being actively frozen out of the installation of new PV generators by the bureaucracy, I still offer faultfinding, maintenance and repair services on existing installations should you encounter problems whereby your PV isn't powering, your inverter isn't inverting or any other issues need addressing.

As for new installations, I have partnered with a local specialist firm who offer better value and service than the 'slap-em-up-and-scarper' big boy operators can provide. I'd be happy to refer you if you're genuinely interested in having solar installed on your domestic or commercial property, so do please get in touch.