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Kitchen table project 6: 12V automatic multiway lighting

Every now and again I'm required to put on my thinking (bobble) hat in order to achieve the functionality a client wants. Such was the case here where automatic LED lighting was required on a stairwell necessitating the design of a simple custom controller.

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Cowboy competition #7

Working on a job recently with a kitchen fitter I hadn’t met before, I was amazed at his speed and skill; in just over 24 hours, he’d transformed an empty shell of a room with wall units, base cupboards and he was already busy fitting the worktop. There was still a lot to do, but the amount that had been achieved and the quality of the work to that point was quite something. When I remarked upon it, he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and told me he’d been doing it for thirty years.

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Value for money

Two faultfinding jobs in the past eighteen months have resulted in payment problems because the client perceived my speedy resolution to their power problems to be “too quick”. Let’s have a closer look at the flawed logic of that...

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The * scammers

Not to say that all scammers are stupid... but these dickheads give themselves away.

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Red faced Purple Bricks

Purple Bricks, save yourself from 'commisery' by paying my invoice.

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