Guarantee changes from 17/07/18

Take a client who is desperate and pestering for their electrical work to be done, shuffle the calendar around to accommodate them, bask in the temporary glory of their gratitude when the job is completed to their satisfaction, then seethe quietly when the invoice is submitted to the sound of radio silence, sometimes for weeks on end. Well, as of this week, those who leave me chasing payments for more than five calendar days now lose out on full guarantee support....

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18th Edition

Last month the latest edition of the IET Wiring Regulations was published and takes effect fully from January 2019. The 18th Edition, as its name suggests, is the 18th full reissue of the wiring regulations since they were introduced in 1882, and we now meet that standard.

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Closure of Facebook presence

I have to say, I've always hated Facebook, a dysfunctional mess of a social network in my opinion, and I resisted even opening a business page until 2015, but I have today shuttered my Facebook accounts, both personal and professional.

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De-registration from VAT, July 2018

From 1st July 2018 David Savery Electrical Services will no longer be VAT registered. De-registering from VAT has a number of implications for clients and partner businesses.... at least, it does for those who want to reclaim it. Read on if that's you...

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Removal of services: intruder alarms and CCTV

Sorry folks, we're no longer taking on new intruder alarm or CCTV installations!

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