My invitation to Tresham College

It was my privilege last week to be invited to Tresham College in Corby to visit the students learning about the electrical industry.

My thanks to Gaz, Joe, Marcus, Matt and the wider team at the college for their hospitality on the day, and their generous supply of Costa latte’s. We spent several hours with the students talking about life in the electrical industry, playing with 10kV electrical arcs and Arc Fault Detection Devices.

With Joe from the Joe Robinson Training YouTube channel!

The one, the only: Gaz of the GSH Electrical YouTube channel

I’m genuinely honoured that these chaps at the forefront of electrical training feel that I’m worthy enough to stand before their students, especially considering some of the big names they’ve had in previously to talk about electrical life, the universe and... well... everything.

Matt, Gaz, me, Joe and Marcus

Always great to speak to students who are showing a real interest in this industry.
Lots of questions were asked on the day by genuinely enthusiastic learners!

I was also extremely impressed by the efforts the team go to in order to engage with their students. How fantastically proactive of them to bring in Electricians they may have seen on social media to talk in person, and what great publicity for the college. This attracts kind donations from the industry who are keen to publicise themselves to the very people who will be their future customers, and it places their learners in a more public position which helps attract apprenticeship and job opportunities. It's fantastic publicity for the construction courses at Tresham College.

Just some of the eager and hard working learners at Tresham College surrounding
some old, befuddled looking chap!

Videos of the day will be released on the GSH YouTube channel here, so tune in if you want to see an Electrician with a terrible haircut talking nonsense about electrical arcs and fending off questions from the very people I will one day be working for!

For more information about the range of courses offered at Tresham College, see their website here.