What's better than a two man band? Why a threesome of course!

So give a cheery wave to Nigel, the latest addition to the DSES family. Nigel used to be the brains behind NKM Electrical in Coventry before he decided to hang up his hard-hat and leave the paperwork headaches to me.


Now, he may look like Rumpelstiltskin's grandad, but he's a top sparkie and has exactly the same qualifications as myself. Nige has been subcontracted on numerous previous jobs, so repeat customers may already recognise the happy face, but as of 1st February he's on the payroll (and the pension scheme), so he'll be popping up on DSES jobs going forward.

The addition of both Nige and Dior has seen an increase in the amount of work we're able to plough through, so whatever your project, big or small, we have the manpower to do it all!