I N T R U D E R    A L A R M S

I can provide a suite of solutions for a burglar alarm installation ranging from the supply and fitting of a full system to the upgrade, servicing or repair of an existing installation.


panel   bellbox


All work, and therefore pricing, is subject to a site survey, but a survey is free and places you under no obligation.

I prefer to use Lyntek (Melcom) or Honeywell brands.

bullet   Full installation
bullet   Repairs to existing installations
bullet   Supply/fitting of new backup batteries
bullet   Upgrades - additional/uprated sensors
bullet   Servicing and inspection
bullet   Reprogramming and zone alterations


All installations should be serviced every five years at the most to ensure exterior components such as bell boxes have not suffered weather/insect/bird damage, sensors are checked for correct operation and worn backup batteries are replaced. Failing to maintain an existing installation may result in malfunction or an increase in false alarms.

I only supply wired alarm installations and I don't recommend the wireless types. The alarms I supply have anti-tamper measures and battery failover as standard.

Please remember there is no alarm installation which is guaranteed as burglar proof. Although a well designed installation will act as a deterrent and help to give you peace of mind, there is no perfect crime prevention system. Like high fencing, CCTV or a guard dog, a burglar alarm will discourage your average pesky miscreant, but that's not to say it can't be circumvented by a determined and skilful potential intruder intent on grabbing the half a million quid he hopes is stuffed under your mattress. Although the installation work and supplied parts are covered under my standard 24 month warranty, David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury in the event of malfunction, failure or the deliberate disarming of any hardware.

I've knocked up some nuggets of note on burglar alarm installations under my Free Advice section here which you may find is worth a quick read whoever you choose to go with. For a more in depth discussion of your requirements or to arrange a site survey please contact me.


Closed Circuit TeleVision is everywhere... and now it can also be in your home! As is the trend in electronics, modern cameras have decreased in price and size while increasing in specification.

There are three types of installation I offer:

Live feed (ideal for door entry)
Want to know who's rapping at your woodwork? A live camera system can hook into your TV or an external monitor so you can see who's buzzing your bell before you decide whether or not to answer. Ideal for avoiding the encyclopedia salesman!

Motion capture
Worried someone might have a go at your car or put your cat in the bin? Covering the driveway with a camera on a motion capture system means anyone skulking into range could find their captured image on a police wanted poster - or on YouTube, depending on your preference.

Multiple camera/capture
Need eyes in the back of your head? Several cameras on a switching system or multiple input capture device can be used to keep watch over your hanging baskets at the front, your herbaceous borders at the back and anything else in between. Modern digital video recorders can capture what your cameras are watching, either recording 24/7 or on timed or motion sensitive triggers. Modern mobile apps allow you to tune in from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

cctvMonitoring your cameras with your smartphone from anywhere in the world!


P5270194   P5270195

There are a range of camera choices to suit customised installations including internal, weatherproof external, fish-eye and pan/tilt. Some models are full colour by day and can switch to infra-red at night for 24 hour visibility.

Although smaller and more stylish than older models, new external cameras are conspicuous enough to act as a visual deterrent during the day without being an eyesore. Infra-red versions can make their presence known by a visible low red glow during the dark hours. A house with a visible intruder alarm and/or CCTV cameras is instantly offputting to any prowlers armed with a jemmy and a swag-bag.

Because of the customised nature of these types of installation, prices vary and a site survey is required. Please contact me for a more in depth discussion of your requirements so I can draw up a no-obligation quotation.